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Social media writing services

3 Reasons Why Social Media is a Critical Search Engine Optimization Service

Posted by Michael Wilson - Search Marketing Manager

Social Media Generates Backlinks

The biggest reason that you should have a social media marketing campaign is to generate backlinks to your site. Some clients will never see a lot of traffic on some social media sites–it just isn’t where their target audience hangs out–but Google sees social media links as valuable backlinks to the content on your site. A good social media writing services campaign can turn one blog post into 5 or more backlinks.

Customer reviews as part of a social media marketing campaign

3 Ways to Improve Your SEO Marketing Programs with Customer Reviews

Posted by Michael Wilson - Search Marketing Manager

There is nothing that Google likes better for search engine optimization–especially local SEO–than customer reviews. So how do you get your customers to leave (hopefully overwhelmingly positive) reviews? Here are a few ideas:

1 – Ask for Reviews

Sometimes this is as simple as sending your customer an email asking them to give you a review, requesting a review at the close of a phone call, or mentioning a review as you see them off from a meeting. According to recent studies, asking for a review is a proven method to get customers to provide them for you. Especially if they are happy with the service you provided.

Mobile friendly website design

4 Components of Excellent Mobile Friendly Website Design

Posted by Michael Wilson - Search Marketing Manager

Mobile friendly website design is a simple search marketing solution that can be adapted for almost any site, including ecommerce website designs. However, mobile friendly website design isn’t just cramming your full-sized desktop screen onto a cell-phone screen, it is about using mobile-friendly code to scale the contents of the screen, and adapting the existing elements of your website for a mobile audience. What are some of the components of mobile friendly website design? Read on.

Website content writing as part of a SEO marketing strategy

Why Writing Blog Posts are Essential SEO Marketing Strategies

Posted by Michael Wilson - Search Marketing Manager

Content is King

Content marketing is no longer the “wave of the future.” It is here now. Traditional online advertising such as banner ads and pop-ups have lost their effectiveness. The best way to attract new customers is using website content writing to create useful, engaging content to draw the customers to you. Those websites with these types of blog posts as part of their web content management program will have the edge over those who don’t.

Using Google My Business Inbound Marketing Strategy

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Google My Business Account

Posted by Michael Wilson - Search Marketing Manager

In June 2014, Google rebranded Google + Local–Google’s version of the Yellow Pages–to Google My Business and expanded its capabilities to become an “all-in-one small business online management center.”

Integrates Search with Free Social Media Marketing

Google My Business is tightly integrated with Google Search and Google Maps an easy way for small business to stay in touch with its customers in one, easy to find location. This makes Google My Business an essential component of any inbound marketing strategy.



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