SEO Program Performance

Measuring the success of a Search Marketing program requires constant monitoring of the various SEO efforts in place. Using proprietary tools and analytics, prior to the launch of our clients' programs, the SEO Manager runs baseline reports and metric studies to determine the level of the website’s visibility with the Search Engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing.

These reports are then used as comparison data included with the monthly Search Engine Optimization program account overview. Presented are the ranking position changes of each keyword phrase targeted in the campaign, the level of increased ‘organic’ search traffic, Social Media account activity, the number of new backlinks added and Press Release syndication pick-ups, including reads, impressions and downloads.

Daily SEO Performance Reports

Search Marketing Resource provides a comprehensive set of analytics that are available 24/7, in real-time captures. The SEO Performance Portal is password protected and accessible by your entire team.

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Search Marketing Program Reports

SEO Traffic Analytics

SEO Website Traffic Reports

Tracking the performance and success of a Search Engine Optimization program requires unique tools be implemented to measure progress specific to increased search traffic and end user activity on your website. Tracking software such as Google Analytics is an important resource for the ongoing comparison of website visits measured from the launch of the Search Marketing campaign to the present day.

The tracking code provides metrics specific to ‘organic’ traffic counts, bounce rates, GEO location of visitors, duration spent on the site, pages viewed and exit pages. We provide a weekly recap of all website activity and traffic totals with monthly recommendations for improvement.

Top Keyword Rankings

Keyword Phrase Rankings

The backbone of any successful Search Engine marketing program is the proper selection of the keyword phrases to be targeted and then the continued monitoring of their change in ranking position. Routinely checking for changes in the market where new or different search terms are being used in search queries is also critical. Ranking reports are provided each week and the performance of each keyword phrase is reviewed for any necessary action to increase its ranking position.

An easy solution to bolster rankings is an optimized Press Release for a set of keyword terms. Also effective is a targeted Blog or Social Media posts to associate more keyword ‘weight’ or ‘density’ associated with the company domain by the Search Engines.

Qualified Backlinks Created

Backlink Program Analytics

Today, Search Engines tend to promote websites with search results not only based on the optimization of the site pages, but equally important, offsite visibility as well. Creating qualified backlinks, or site URL’s contained in the copy published on other venues, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ pages and Press Releases must be part of an effective Search Engine Optimization campaign.

The Search Engines award bonus points to companies who are active online with routine posts to Social Media accounts, forums and News Releases specific to the products and services offered. All posts and articles written by your SEO Manager contain 2-3 links pointing back to the website's targeted pages.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Program Activity

There is a growing audience demographic that relies on Social Media venues when researching service providers and product vendors. Facebook ‘likes’ and online user reviews are a key part of their due diligence before contacting a business. Your SEO Manager will write monthly articles and post to all media accounts, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and industry forums.

We ensure that backlinks are contained in all posts and are able to track all ‘referred’ traffic generated by the Social Media accounts, as well as ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ added. An active Social Media program will continue to increase your backlink credits with the Search Engines as well as providing a path for new web traffic click-throughs.

Online Sales Conversions

Website Sales Conversions

The goal of every Search Engine Marketing program is to measurably increase organic keyword search traffic and ‘referred’ click-throughs. These are site visits generated by end-users clicking on a link that leads to your site from a different website, Social Media page or an optimized Press Release. However, while increasing traffic to a website is the cause and effect of a successful Search Marketing campaign, turning the visit into a ‘sales conversion’ is the truly desired result.

Your own website has many ways to track its sales conversion success. For example, activities like how often site visitors complete your Contact Us form, makes a purchase or calls in to your offices is a click-through conversion. Additionally, all emails from any contact form submissions should be aggregated into a database that can be used in your email marketing program.

Search Engine Optimization Audit

Website SEO Review

Beyond the forward-facing copy of a website and the offsite Social Media and Press Release SEO efforts, there are many page and coding attributes the Search Engines look at in determining search ranking hierarchy. This includes the meta content, title tags and image-naming convention. We also monitor for duplicate content while comparing page to page copy and whether there are any page URL links broken.

Another key marker we evaluate is whether the Search Engines are grading your website as 'responsive’ and mobile friendly for cell phones and tablets. With your Search Engine Marketing program, we provide 24/7 access to a site audit exam that tests each page of your site and alerts you to any errors detected. The report provides up to 15 detailed analytics and the issues for each page listed.

Is Your Website Search Engine Optimized – Free Analysis!

The Search Marketing Resource team will review your website and deliver an analysis from a Search Engine optimization perspective. The report will offer recommendations and specific action items that would better align your website with the Search Engines and increase your keyword search rankings.


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