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SEO Digital Marketing & Social Media Management

Effective Search Marketing programs start with the webpage updates needed to align the website with the different Search Engine algorithms, or calculators Google, Yahoo and Bing use to determine top keyword search ranking positions.

However, beyond page optimization, there are many other SEO concerns that need managed to gain top keyword search rankings. This includes keyword performance tracking, monthly Blog articles, Backlinks created, Business Directory placement, Optimized Press Releases and Social Media accounts managed.

Digital Marketing Program Overview

Website Technical Review

At the launch of the Search Marketing program, a full website audit is completed from a SEO perspective to determine all the site opportunities that exist but need updating for current SEO ‘best practices. Once the study is finished and discussed with our team, a 6-month projection plan is presented for your review and approval.

Keyword Selection Process

By reviewing your competition, website traffic analytics and understanding your target audience, the assigned SEO Manager will assemble a comprehensive list of ‘long-tail’ phrases for the optimization of your website and will be incorporated into all Blog articles, Press Releases and Social Media posts.

SEO Performance Dashboard

You will be provided 24/7 access to an admin panel tracking all aspects of the SEO program, including site visits, backlinks created, keyword rankings and Social Media activity. A password protected account ‘portal’ will be created to provide access to all ‘real-time’ reports. The dashboard tracks all aspects of the Digital Marketing program in real-time.

SEO Manager & Team

A senior level SEO Manager is assigned to your program and works directly with you and your weekly. The process includes keyword research, competitor site study, webpage forward facing copy rewrites, SEO attribute updates, keyword ranking performance tracking and weekly program reports.

Managing the entire website optimization process is a tenured Search Marketing Manager (SMM) and their team. Prior to the start of the services, your manager will present a 6-month projection of the program and the action items to be completed each month and the recommended keyword phrases targeted.

SEO Monthly Planner

At the beginning of each month, the Search Marketing Manager will submit an action plan detailing the recommended page changes to be performed. Again, this will include rewriting page copy, updating the SEO attributes of each page and any site errors needing addressed. Typically, 10-15 site pages will be optimized each month.

Website Page Optimization - SEO Attributes

The SEO Manager completes an analysis of each page of your website to determine the optimization updates we recommend be made. These will include Page Names, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Image Alt Tags, Anchor Links, etc., all SEO attributes to better align your site with the Search Engine algorithms.

With this program, the focus is to search optimize every page of your website to bring current with the algorithms, or calculators Google, Yahoo and Bing use to determine keyword rankings positioning. All pages are analyzed, reviewed and updated with SEO best practices to significantly increase your keyword search visibility.

Social Media Management

Having an active Social Media campaign is an important element to increasing and maintaining your online visibility. Social Media offers a platform to engage end users, share company events, industry news and build relationships with current customers and future business opportunities.

The different venues provide an opportunity to build specific keyword phrase content offsite with backlinks directing traffic to the pages of your website associated with each Social Media article, post, video or image.

For each account, we write and upload several in-depth articles that are industry-related and specific to your products and services. All posts contain URL’s (backlinks) to your site and have a mix of targeted keywords and phrases. This maximizes your website’s Search Optimization and keyword search rankings.

News (Blog) Writing Services

Maintaining an active Blog is a required action item to any effective online marketing plan. Blogging serves two important strategies, providing industry related news and events about your company and the ongoing addition of keyword search phrase content pages to your site, which increases the keyword ‘weight’ or ‘density’ of your site.

Your SEO Manager’s team posts two to four in-depth articles per month related to your industry and newsworthy to your target audience. Once the articles are approved, the posts are uploaded to your Blog (News) page.

Optimized Press Releases

An optimized Press Release provides a great opportunity to create qualified 'backlinks', increase keyword visibility with Search Engines and build your online Brand. Each Press Release is written in AP format and published to hundreds of online eZines, local news vendors, Radio Stations and online Broadcast outlets.

Business Directory Submissions

Submitting and correcting your business listing to both Local and National reputable directories is very effective to increasing your rankings, procuring a top position in the Search Engine ‘maps’ display and having end users find your company on other venues.

Beyond your business website information being indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing, these same Search Engines routinely compare data from directory sources to compare information. If the comparative data (NAP details) do not match properly, or is nonexistent, the Search Engines may determine to minimize or not present your company in search rankings.

In your Digital Marketing program, the SEO Manager will identify which directories need updating or created by submitting your company details including a unique description for each posting.

Backlink Programs

A backlink is a link, or URL, that when clicked redirects the end-users to a different website. The Search Engines credit websites with ‘qualified’ backlinks that are found and indexed from other media venues such as Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business or LinkedIn.

Backlinks are only counted or awarded credit by the Search Engines if the content surrounding the link is similar to the copy found on the referring website, or where the link redirects to.

In your SEO programs, all Social Media posts have backlinks placed in the copy, which has been written to include the keyword phrases targeted in the marketing plan. This tactic is also utilized in all Press Release publications where up to 3 URL’s are embedded in the content.

All of the services listed are included in the ongoing marketing program. Each month your SEO Manager submits an action plan of the recommended tactics to be performed. Once approved, the manager and his team complete the services as detailed and provide a month end recap.

We would be glad to discuss your marketing goals and objectives. Let us know when it would be convenient to have an introduction call to our team and we can discuss all options of our different programs.

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Services to Include

  • Assigned SEO Manager
  • Monthly Blog Articles
  • Business Directory Updates
  • Google My Business Page
  • Social Media Venues Managed
  • Optimized Press Releases
  • YouTube Channel Managed
  • Tagged Pinterest Images
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website SEO Audit & Repairs
  • SEO 24/7 Dashboard
  • Weekly Performance Reports
  • Website Copy Rewritten
  • SEO Page Attributes Added
  • Page Load Speed Increased

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We provide 100% turn-key website design and maintenance solutions for retail, business-to-business, industrial and consumer focused companies.

Services to Include

  • Assigned Project Manager
  • Senior Graphic Designer
  • Development Team Lead
  • Site Navigation Approval
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • News & Events (Blog)
  • Content Management (CMS)
  • Email Opt-In Captures
  • Request Quote Forms
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • SEO Page Attributes
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Site Traffic Analytics
  • Landing Page Design
  • Video Libraries & Stream
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance



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