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Why Writing Blog Posts are Essential SEO Marketing Strategies

Content is King

Content marketing is no longer the “wave of the future.” It is here now. Traditional online advertising such as banner ads and pop-ups have lost their effectiveness. The best way to attract new customers is using website content writing to create useful, engaging content to draw the customers to you. Those websites with these types of blog posts as part of their web content management program will have the edge over those who don’t.

Establishes Credibility – as a Thought Leader

Blog posts are a great way to showcase your knowledge, experience, products and services. Providing useful and engaging content as part of your SEO marketing strategy has another impact, it establishes you as an expert in the subject.
Website content writing as part of a SEO marketing strategy

Adds Volume to Your SEO Marketing Strategy

Repetition is the key. If you add a blog post each week to your site, you add 52 new pages to your site each year. Each page is an opportunity to include the keyword phrases that your potential customers use to search for your site and enhance your SEO presence.

Blog Posts Can Drive Social Media Interaction

Website content writing alone is not enough to power your SEO marketing strategies. Multiply the reach of your website content writing by using social media. Creating social media posts that link back to your content multiplies your presence and reach, as well as provide opportunities for happy customers to share their positive experiences with your brand with the rest of their social networks.

Thinking About Adding Blog Posts as One of Your SEO Marketing Strategies?

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