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4 Components of Excellent Mobile Friendly Website Design

Mobile friendly website design is a simple search marketing solution that can be adapted for almost any site, including ecommerce website designs. However, mobile friendly website design isn’t just cramming your full-sized desktop screen onto a cell-phone screen, it is about using mobile-friendly code to scale the contents of the screen, and adapting the existing elements of your website for a mobile audience. What are some of the components of mobile friendly website design? Read on.

Large and Descriptive Buttons

Large buttons labelled with descriptive actions are a staple of mobile-friendly website design. They make it easier for users to navigate the site on the smaller screens of mobile devices.

Scalable Images for Mobile

A mobile friendly website design uses scalable vector graphics or SVGs to assure that images don’t get pixelated or distorted when viewed on a mobile device. SVGs also tend to have smaller file sizes which means that they load faster in mobile browsers.

Mobile friendly website design

Larger Font Sizes

Optimizing your site to use larger font sizes assists with mobile friendly web design These font sizes translate better to mobile devices. You should also choose fonts that are legible on small screens.

Simplified Navigation

Mobile-friendly website design depends on simplicity. There is no room for multiple functions and features on the site design. Follow the “one screen, one task rule,” which means that every screen you create should support one single action for the user on that screen.

Does Your Site Have a Mobile Friendly Website Design?

If not, you are missing out on a rapidly growing segment of the population that now browse the web using mobile devices. At Search Marketing Resource, we understand mobile-friendly website design and how to make it work for your business. Sign up for a free website design proposal and learn how we can get your review program started today!



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