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Email Marketing & Design Services

Effective Email Marketing Management

Maintaining contact with your customer base and website visitors is significant to creating repeat business and developing new opportunities. An effective approach is publishing a monthly newsletter with information about your company's new service lines, expansion, price reductions, special offers or management changes.

Search Marketing Resource manages the newsletter campaigns for many of its clients. We design the newsletter template, write the publication copy, add imagery and tracking code to measure the overall activity of the emails sent.

Message Leads with Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Management Services and Solutions

The first step of an Email Marketing campaign is to assemble the contact list. The names and emails can be obtained from various sources, such as opt-ins from your website, a confirmed opt-in list from a reliable resource, Social Media contacts, prospective inquiries and your current customer base. If not already active, adding opt-in name and email fields is very effective for adding new subscribers.

The list should be created as an excel file with columns including first name, last name, company name and email address. You can add other attributes to target specific groups with different newsletter topics. Additional demographics may be targeted such as the revenue volume of the business, the position title of the contact person, geographic area or SIC industry. A unique newsletter created with a message tailored to the target audience is a powerful tool.

Newsletter Content Writing
Email Newsletter Design and Content Writing

Our content editors will assist in writing the email newsletter copy partially or entirely, whichever is your preference. Typically, we have a messaging discussion to determine the newsletter topic and the editor will complete the body of the copy for your review. The content will be written to prompt the reader to click through on any of the links contained within the newsletter. These click-throughs are tracked in our reporting details. Topics should be of interest to the recipients.

Not just discounted product or services alerts, but information the reader would find useful for their business or in their due diligence in selecting a provider. Also included in the copy will be industry-related imagery the editor will either select from a hi-res vendor such as Shutterstock or the images you have provided. Once the content has been completed, we will submit the content for your approval.

Newsletter Design Template
Email Marketing Newsletter Design and Marketing Solutions

The design and content layout of the Newsletter template is managed by our graphic artists who work directly with your team to develop the branded look of the HTML email. The design will incorporate your logo and the 'look and feel' of your current website - colors, font style, etc. As the template is intended to support ongoing Newsletter submissions, sections of the design will contain static content and website page navigation links.

The graphic designer will submit a proof(s) of the Newsletter graphical attributes and overall layout of the content sections for review. When approved, the content and images will be added for final comment. The Newsletter is then converted to an HTML format with the tracking codes to count how many of the Newsletter emails were delivered, those that bounced or invalid addresses and how many were read or opened.

Email List Upload & Sending
Email Marketing List Management and Sending Services

Through our mail servers, we setup an account unique to your email contact list and Newsletter design template(s). Each email marketing campaign is designated with the subject line header. This is the introduction the recipient will view in their inbox and should be eye catching in phrasing. The email list is uploaded and the appropriate Newsletter is added with the sender’s return address. If the list is already on file, then the emails are selected in total or a segmented group selected.

The Newsletter is formatted in both HTML and Text formats because some email servers will not accept mail that has HTML code in the content. We complete a series of test-sends to your team for final approval before releasing the campaign to the entire list. Depending on your target audience, different times or days of the week might be preferable. Tuesdays and Thursdays are generally the best days to send a Newsletter for business to business services, while a consumer-focused audience might be best sent at night or on weekends.

Email Tracking & Activity Reports
Email Marketing Activity Tracking and Reporting

The Search Marketing Resource team sends millions of Newsletters marketing emails each month. Each individual email is tracked to determine if the email address was correct, the email was received and if the message was read (opened). In addition, the copy or images may have URL links that, if clicked, refer the End-Users to specific pages of your website. In viewing your Google Analytics, or other website traffic activity software, you will be able to monitor a significant increase in ‘Referred’ visits to your site.

This is generated from End-Users clicking on the active links in the Newsletter and being redirected to your site. Also, within a few days after the publishing of the Newsletter, your campaign manager will generate a statistical accounting of all activity recorded, based on the number of actual recipients and emails opened.

Building Brand Recognition
Email Marketing Newsletter Campaigns and Repurposing

Routinely publishing news and activity about your company not only maintains a connection with your customer base, it helps cultivate new business opportunities. From these email campaigns, our clients often comment that a new account was created with a company that had been receiving their Newsletter for over 6 months and now the need was there. You will also be updated to changes in the company if an email is no longer active but a new contact name is provided.

Repurposing the Newsletter copy and images is effective for a Blog article and Social Media post to Google My Business, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The images can even be uploaded to Pinterest with the keywords tagged. As your email marketing campaigns progress, you will note which topics resonate the strongest with your audience and generate the most response. An active SEO program, including optimized Press Releases and Email Marketing, is always successful in generating higher keyword search rankings and building your Brand.


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