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What Are Online Reputation Management Services?

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Everyone knows that word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing. Why? Because human beings trust what other human beings say about a product, service or company. This form of marketing has moved into the electronic age as customer reviews. Amazon built their business based on engaged customers providing reviews for books and subsequently, thousands of other products. One of the most popular search terms for any new product or business now consists of the “<product/business-name> review” format.

Best Practices of Website Design for Medical Practices – Part 2

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Last month in part 1 of our blog series: Best Practices of Website Design for Medical Practices, we covered the following points:

  • Make Sure You Have Mobile Friendly Website Design
  • Provide a Comprehensive List of the Medical Services You Offer
  • List the Insurance Providers You Accept
  • Provide Comprehensive Bios for All of Your Medical Staff

Local SEO Marketing Strategies: Optimize Your Google My Business Profile – Part 2

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In part 1 of our series on local SEO marketing strategies, we explained how Google’s local search algorithms work and the importance of your Google My Business (GMB) page is within it. We also provided details on why it is critical for your NAP to be consistent throughout the web and why you need to make sure that your GMB page is filled out completely. This month we will provide three more strategies to make sure your GMB helps make your local SEO marketing program a success.

Local SEO Marketing Strategies: Optimize Your Google My Business Profile – Part 1

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Recent studies have shown that up to 77% of potential clients use an online search to help them select a local business, and if you don’t have a solid search engine optimization program in place to make yourself visible to these clients, you will miss out.

Best Practices of Website Design for Medical Practices – Part 1

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Medical care is more important than ever and the competition for patients be can fierce. To compete you need to bring your practice into the 21st century and develop a high-quality website that provides the information that your potential patients are looking for. Here are some best practices to follow when putting together a website for your medical practice:



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