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Digital Marketing SEO Program

Ready to elevate your small business to new heights and dominate the online market? Search Marketing Resource (SMR) is here to make that happen.

Search Marketing Resource, the leading small business organic SEO company, specializes in delivering exceptional results for businesses just like yours. Our professional SEO services company is dedicated to helping you rank higher for your keywords to increase your website’s organic traffic and gain more leads and sales. We leverage our comprehensive SEO programs and proven strategies to help you attract traffic.

Knowledge is power. And with the power of our Digital Marketing Agency team, you'll experience better search engine rankings for lead generation and sales.

Internet searches have become the number one way customers find information about a business. The more visible you are to your customers on search engines, the more likely they are to find your products and services.

Rank higher and get increased traffic, customer acquisition, and revenue with our digital marketing program services.

  • Website Optimization
  • Forums Posts
  • FAQ Pages
  • Site Map (XML & Static)
  • Google+
  • Pinterest/Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Tagged YouTube Videos
  • LinkedIn
  • Optimized Press Releases
  • Twitter
  • Keyword Tagged Images
  • Website Load Time
  • Backlink Programs
  • New Content Pages
  • Onsite Blog Articles

SEO is Important for Every Business

Running a business without any SEO strategy is like driving with your eyes closed and hoping to still reach your destination. It's difficult to rank for the right keywords and generate enough traffic, and then once you rank, it's difficult to maintain that rank.

Digital marketing is necessary for every business in today's fiercely-competitive world. Your business must actively improve customer acquisition and retention.

Smart marketers will never stop investing in SEO because it's an essential part of their marketing strategy. The right SEO expert will be able to help you achieve your business goals.

Search Marketing Resource is a successful digital marketing services agency that provides all the expertise in SEO services to help you rank higher in search engines and create a strong online presence that brings more leads. With our experience and expertise, we have the knowledge to provide an SEO solution that's tailored to your needs.

Our team’s commitment is to develop strategic plans and apply proven, best SEO practices. With every campaign, we significantly increase keyword rankings, search position and generate new organic search engine traffic.

With over a decade of providing online marketing services, Search Marketing Resource has delivered digital SEO marketing solutions to 1,000's of businesses nationwide. We can do the same for your company at a competitive rate.


Increase Keyword Search RankingsSEO Keyword Research

Keyword research is the cornerstone to any successful Search Marketing SEO program. Understanding the keyword phrases and variations of each that your target audience uses in online searches is crucial to receiving qualified visitor click-throughs to your website.

Focusing on phrases that are more unique or descriptively specific to your products and services will generate targeted End-User traffic that increase conversions, such as making a call or completing a Contact form.

For each digital SEO marketing program, we use a combination of tools to create a comprehensive list of 3-5 word ‘long-tail’ phrases that are used as the foundation for the optimization of the website and incorporated into all Blog articles, Press Releases and Social Media posts.

Inbound Marketing Content Writing ServicesSEO Optimized Website Content

There is no more important component to increasing your search rankings than well-written, keyword rich forward-facing copy, the content the site visitors read. This content is scanned by the Search Engine crawlers every 30 days as Google and Bing index your website against competing businesses who have similar copy.

Additionally, the Search Engines also scan the SEO attributes of each page, title tags, meta descriptions, image names and header tags to further understand the exact products and services your site represents.

Having individual pages written and search engine optimized for each of your services or product lines adds keyword ‘weight’ or ‘density’ to your website and increases your market relevancy.

Search Backlink ProgramsBacklinks

A backlink is a link, or URL such as, that when clicked redirects the end-users to a different website. The Search Engines credit websites with qualified backlinks that are found and indexed from other media venues such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

Backlinks are only counted and awarded credit by the Search Engines if the content surrounding the link is like the copy found on the referring website, or where the link redirects to.

In our digital marketing SEO programs, all Social Media posts have backlinks placed in the copy. Depending on the platform, the links show up in search engines including the keyword phrases targeted in the marketing plan. This tactic is also utilized in all Press Release publications where up to 3 URL’s are embedded in the content.

SEO Press Releases WritingOptimized Press Releases

Press Releases provide an excellent opportunity to create backlinks, build your brand, generate new website visitors, and promote your company to the Search Engines.

In your digital marketing SEO plan with Search Marketing Resource, your SEO Manager will frequently submit a topic and article copy written in AP (Associated Press) format for review. Once approved, the Press Release is submitted to publication vendors such as PR Web, SB Wire and PR Log.

In the Press Release copy we include up to 3 embedded backlink URL’s for Search Engine credit and track the performance of the Release. A report is provided 10 days after the publication with counts for the number of Reads, Impressions and downloads.

Social Media ServicesSocial Media Management

The Search Engines place merit on those business websites who are active in their industry. New articles that are keyword topical with backlinking URL’s routinely posted to various online venues are indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Businesses who consistently promote their products and services will achieve higher rankings in organic search results ahead of companies that are ‘quiet’ in their online marketplace.

Each month we write and post articles to your Social Media accounts and Blog pages and also regularly create and upload keyword tagged videos and images to YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

This, added to the ongoing published Press Releases we create, generates significant attention from Google, Yahoo and Bing with regards to your online visibility.

Industry Forum Posting ServicesIndustry Forums

Similar to Social Media posts, locating industry related Forums and other venues that are topically relevant are important to an effective online marketing program.

Beyond the traditional Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn, your SEO Manager will explore other opportunities for article posting to further increase your company’s visibility.

As these other resources are located, and approved, we will include them in your ongoing monthly posts. These writings will be keyword specific and include backlink URL’s to your website page(s) and will continue to grow your website’s presence against your competitors.

SEO Program Keyword Tagged ImagesPinterest & Instagram

Having alternative forms of content created and maintained on the most relevant Social Media venues is required to manage a successful and balanced digital Search Engine Marketing approach. In our digital marketing SEO programs, we include not only article writing opportunities but platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Company photos or industry related images are selected and added to your Social Media outlets of choice. The images have engaging content with keyword descriptions, hashtags, and backlink URL to your website.

Search Optimization YouTube VideosYouTube

End-Users search for products and services using varied resources including YouTube videos. In performing due diligence to select a new service provider or product vendor, a business may search Google videos to see if there are files showing a company’s facility, product presentations or President’s Message.

During the digital marketing SEO program, our team creates industry-related proprietary videos.

Blogging ProgramsBlogging

As you may have heard ‘Content is King’ in SEO. This is why having an active Blog is so important to a successful Search Engine Optimization program. Each month, your SEO Manager and team create Blog articles with keywords and copy specific to your products and services.

The posts are added to the main Blog landing page and then a unique, individual page is added with anchor links to other interior pages of the site. The page is also optimized with a title tag, meta copy, header tags and other SEO attributes.

Typically, 2-4 Blog posts are uploaded every month increasing the overall keyword ‘weight’ or density’ of the website helping your search rankings.

SEO Program ReportsGoogle Analytics & Results Oriented Tracking

We provide real-time analytics of the Search Marketing program success available 24/7 via a password protected admin panel. You may add other users, download reports and run comparable studies of past activity counts.

The information provided includes keyword ranking positions with Google and Bing for all the targeted phrases in your program. The improvement for each phrase in search results as compared to the launch of the program is also tracked and measured.

Other statistics provided are website visitor traffic through Google Analytics, backlinks created, Google Search Console data, Google My Business, the Social Media activity for accounts connected with the platform, and a full website audit specific to any programming issues or duplicate content.

Check if Your Website is Search Engine Optimized with a Free Analysis!

The Search Marketing Resource team will review your website and deliver an analysis from a Search Engine optimization perspective. The report will offer recommendations and specific action items that would better align your website with the Search Engines and increase your keyword search rankings.

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View our varied Digital Marketing service offerings and select the program that best meets your online marketing requirements.

Services to Include

  • Assigned SEO Manager
  • Monthly Blog Articles
  • Business Directory Updates
  • Google My Business Page
  • Social Media Venues Managed
  • Optimized Press Releases
  • YouTube Channel Managed
  • Tagged Pinterest Images
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website SEO Audit & Repairs
  • SEO 24/7 Dashboard
  • Weekly Performance Reports
  • Website Copy Rewritten
  • SEO Page Attributes Added
  • Page Load Speed Increased

Website Design Quote

We provide 100% turn-key website design and maintenance solutions for retail, business-to-business, industrial and consumer focused companies.

Services to Include

  • Assigned Project Manager
  • Senior Graphic Designer
  • Development Team Lead
  • Site Navigation Approval
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • News & Events (Blog)
  • Content Management (CMS)
  • Email Opt-In Captures
  • Request Quote Forms
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • SEO Page Attributes
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Site Traffic Analytics
  • Landing Page Design
  • Video Libraries & Stream
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance



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