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Best Practices of Website Design for Medical Practices – Part 1

Medical care is more important than ever and the competition for patients be can fierce. To compete you need to bring your practice into the 21st century and develop a high-quality website that provides the information that your potential patients are looking for. Here are some best practices to follow when putting together a website for your medical practice:

Make Sure You Have Mobile Friendly Website Design

A mobile friendly website design is essential for your medical practice because it is estimated that more than half of Google searches take place on mobile devices, and this number continues to climb. If a potential patient discovers your site, but can’t read it because it’s not optimized for mobile devices, they will simply find another site that is.

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Provide a Comprehensive List of the Medical Services You Offer

This is important for search engine optimization as well as for your potential patients. Focus on the specific medical services and care you provide and stay away from more generic terms. For example, use “diabetes treatment and ongoing care,” “flu vaccinations,” or “physicals for school sports,” instead of more generic terms such as “internal medicine” or “family medicine.”

Make sure your list covers all of the services you provide, even ones that might seem to be not directly related to the office itself such as onsite blood labs, in-house pharmacies or visiting home nurses. Listing these services will help you rise to the top of the local search results for these specific search terms that the potential patient may enter into his/her search browser. You want to be at the top of all of these lists.

List the Insurance Providers You Accept

This is important both for your local SEO, and for your potential patients. One of the first things a patient asks about a medical practice is “Do they accept my health insurance?” Make it easy for them by featuring this information prominently on the home page, or on another one of the main pages on the navigation bar or drop downs on your site. Don’t make your potential patients hunt for this information, get it out there front and center.

Provide Comprehensive Bios for All of Your Medical Staff

A short bio for each member of your medical staff out on your site can help your patient feel comfortable with your doctors, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants and nurses. These bios should include his/her areas of specialty, the schools they attended (with the degrees they earned), professional associations that he/she is a member of, some past career accomplishments, and any other details that might be relevant or interesting to potential patients.

Be sure to tune in for part 2 of our series on the Best Practices of Website Design for Medical Practices next month.

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