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Local SEO Marketing Strategies: Optimize Your Google My Business Profile – Part 1

Recent studies have shown that up to 77% of potential clients use an online search to help them select a local business, and if you don’t have a solid search engine optimization program in place to make yourself visible to these clients, you will miss out.

The lynchpin of your local SEO program for is your Google My Business page. Why? Because Google has configured their local search algorithms around Google My Business profiles, and values them above almost all other criteria in these search algorithms.

How Do Google’s Local Search Algorithms Work?

Google’s local search criteria are a closely held secret, but there are things that we do know about how Google handles local searches. First, Google prefers to display the businesses that are closest to the user’s location that happens to be an accurate match to your search. So, what can you do to make sure that you are at the top of the local search results?

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Make Sure That Your NAP is Consistent Throughout the Web

Google rewards accurate information and especially information that is consistent across many different sites and platforms. The most important information on your site is your Name, Address and Phone Number–often abbreviated as NAP. The contact information that appears on your company website needs to exactly match that on your Google My Business profile. So, if your site lists your address as “123 Main Street,” you shouldn’t abbreviate it on your GMB profile as “Main St.” Many businesses have P.O. Boxes, but don’t use them for your GMB profile. You should have a physical location mailing address listed for your business and that is what should appear on the GMB profile. This address needs to be the same on any other websites (for example review sites such as Yelp) and other local business directories. Google rewards information that is consistent because it is perceived as reliable.

Another issue is if you use a toll-free or a “virtual” phone number for your business. Google prefers local numbers that help tie your business to a geographic location, so listing a toll-free number will not help your search results or improve your local ranking. Use a local number if possible.

Fill Out Your Google My Business Profile Completely

Google likes to see GMB profiles that are packed with information. This means that you have your business hours posted, your services listed, a link to your website, a detailed description of your business, and photos. The more photos the better.

Need Help Configuring Your Google My Business Profile for SEO?

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