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3 Reasons Why Social Media is a Critical Search Engine Optimization Service

Social Media Generates Backlinks

The biggest reason that you should have a social media marketing campaign is to generate backlinks to your site. Some clients will never see a lot of traffic on some social media sites–it just isn’t where their target audience hangs out–but Google sees social media links as valuable backlinks to the content on your site. A good social media writing services campaign can turn one blog post into 5 or more backlinks.

Social Media Shares Bring Traffic to Websites

In short, if people share your post, more people see it and have a link back to your site. If you create high quality blog posts that provide information-rich content of great value to your target audience, then they will share it. This is why solid website content writing is an essential part of your social media campaign marketing plan.

Social media writing services

Local SEO Depends on Social Media

Local SEO has been growing in importance lately. Platforms such as Google+ and Facebook now allow you to rate the businesses on social media–not to mention other sites dedicated to reviewing local establishments such as Yelp.

According to recent studies sponsored by Google, up to 80% of users are using mobile devices to find nearby businesses, which is yet another reason why a mobile friendly website design must be in your suite of search marketing solutions.

Don’t Know Where to Start with Social Media Campaign Marketing?

Start here. Search Marketing Resource has been using social media to deliver positive results to our customers. We understand social media and how it can benefit your online business presence. Let us show you how with a free search marketing proposal today.



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