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What is SEO and Why is It Important?

Posted by Michael Wilson - Search Marketing Manager

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and in short, SEO is the art of designing and formatting your website in such a way that Google, as well as other internet search engines, can easily understand it and know what your site is for, and then matches it to users who need the type of information that you have on that site.

Web “crawlers” are automated commands designed to catalog the contents of the World-Wide-Web so that the search engines constantly improve their search algorithms and the results generated by them. Part of this is the wording you use in the content you create for your site, but that is only a very small part of SEO.

The Top 3 Factors That Go Into A Website Ranking High In The Search Engines

Posted by Gabrielle Talley - Senior Search Marketing Manager

Information is at the tip of our fingers, only a Google search away. If you want to provide information, a product or a service, you need to ensure that when potential visitors type their question into Google, your website will be ranked high among the results.  There are different factors that go into a website ranking high in the search engines.

Keyword Searches

The results that Google displays after a keyword search are known as Search Engine Results

How To Survive and Thrive In The World of Blogging

Posted by Gabrielle Talley - Senior Search Marketing Manager

Unread content does no one any good, especially for your business blog where you want to attract customers. Success in the blogging world all translates to one thing. Writing in a way that encourages people not only to want to read your work, but makes them go out of their way to do so. Intriguing titles, Interesting subjects, and learning what it takes to make people “click” are the main goals for successful blogging. However, there’s two things you want to avoid when blogging for business.


Simply put, clickbait is using whatever words it takes to get those clicks and though it may

What Makes Search Engine Optimization Effective to Gain Traffic to Your Website?

Posted by Gabrielle Talley - Senior Search Marketing Manager

Search engine optimization is the act of making your website’s content more organized in order to attract more visitors. Most developers count on search engines as their main source of traffic. Search engine optimization can help your site appear higher on relevant searches when a search engine user is looking for a particular topic, product, or service.


A large part of search engine optimization is simply creating a website that search engines will

How to Build Backlinks for Your Website and What to Consider in Your Strategy

Posted by Robert MacNeil – President

Link building is an important part of search engine optimization. It’s also among its most challenging parts. To be effective, it requires creativity, hard work, and a financial investment. Your personality and the nature of your website will determine the nature of your link building campaign.

In order to develop a link acquisition strategy that is effective, you’ll want to take in account a few things about your business. There are a number of very effective ways to acquire links. In order to reach your target market, it’s essential that you choose the right ones.



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