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4 Must-Do Rules for SEO to Be Effectively Competitive

Posted by Gabrielle Talley - Senior Search Marketing Manager

Search engine optimization is nothing new. The technology has been near leading edge of the digital world for quite some time. With the tremendous use of search engines, great SEO (Search engine optimization) is a must. The process of SEO is tricky as change is constant as a result of changes to search algorithms. If you want to get more traffic from search engines, get a grasp on these concepts.


Quality of Content is ultimately more important than quantity or speed of content posted. Most of the time Long-form content is worth more for readers. This is one reason Google often

7 Reasons Your SEO Never Works Out as Planned

Posted by Gabrielle Talley - Senior Search Marketing Manager

If you’re not familiar with using organic search engine optimization (SEO), then your plans are likely to fail. It is the frontrunner for online marketing today, but there’s a lot of factors that go into optimizing your website for the search engines. The list is exhaustive and confusing for anyone new to the SEO scene.

Here’s 7 reasons why your SEO is NOT working for you:

1.  You don’t have the right set of keywords

If your keyword list is not specific to your brand, products, and services, then your website is

The Top 3 Website Pages for a Marketing Campaign

Posted by Robert MacNeil – President

When designing pages for a marketing campaign, there’s three pages that play an important part. However, understand what each one does in the campaign is sometimes a mystery for non-designers and website owners. Here’s a definition of each and their role in the design and function.

Will SEO Services Be Worth My Time and Money in the Marketing Budget?

Posted by Robert MacNeil – President

With a set marketing budget for the year, you may be wondering if SEO is even worth the time and money for your business. If you’re wondering about the return on investment (ROI), then here’s a few facts to know before investing in SEO services.


Yes, of course. We tailor your keywords and content to target your specific set of customers. We include content that answers their questions and gives them information they most want to know about in your industry.



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