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3 Tips to Optimize Content to Increase Traffic

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The secret to optimizing content to increase traffic is to know what your audience wants. According to one study, 80% of business decision-makers want is to receive information in the form of an article versus an advertisement. Content has broadened into other resources that provide information and not only a text article. Content now includes video, audio, images, info graphics, and text.


Content informs your visitors with information. Remember they are searching for something. That something is a solution to their problem. They want information. They want the solution to their problem.

Your content has to match problems with solutions for those visitors who are in your target market. When you provide your visitors with information, you create an empowered consumer that can then make an informed decision, which includes whether or not to buy your product and service.

Don’t underestimate the power of empowering a consumer. They will credit your company with that key information and likely find a way to work with you if your product truly does meet their needs.


1. Having a blog is a must. Blogging is a way to share videos, written posts, images, and more. The trick is to be consistent.

We’ve seen clients increase traffic and calls to their business by 60% when they publish blog posts. The traffic is out there.

Be sure to develop a consistent schedule, use keywords that target your audience, and provide useful posts that help your visitors.

2. One of the best ways to use content to get traffic is to create an opt-in freebie that your audience would want. We suggest creating an e-book or report. If it answers standard questions in your industry, and goes a step or two further, then you can use it to get visitors to register their name and email to receive it.

When you set it up as a free opt-in, and it is a key piece of content for your audience, they will share it. If they share it on popular social sites like Facebook, Linked In, Google +, and Twitter, then their suggestion will increase not only your rankings, but your traffic as well. Who knows how many people that one person who shares will reach?

3. Use keywords to optimize your content for organic search. When you perform keyword research, you have to know what your clients are looking for and determine a set of keywords revolved around this information. You can use content for those in an information-seeker or a buyer mindset. Once you have the pages and content set up on your site, share it. Create as many links to your content as you can. Our program includes sharing on social sites and off page SEO to increase traffic to the site, among other ways to increase rankings and traffic.



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