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3 Ways to Write Effective SEO Product and Service Descriptions

Writing Effective SEO Product Service Descriptions

Well written product and service descriptions create sales with new and long-standing customers. SEO product descriptions with unique keywords improve search engine rankings. In this post, we share tips for how to write product descriptions that get sales.

Tips on What to Include in Your Product Descriptions

  • Always include reasons the product or service will improve the consumers’ lives in the description. State clearly, how the product is better than the competition.
  • In descriptions, include the necessary information accessories, benefits, and ways to use the product or service. Give the customer the information they need.
  • Learn about customers’ habits and lifestyles and write to the customer base, including how the product benefits their lifestyle in the description.
  • Descriptions should keep in mind customers’ age, location, gender, income, education, language, and interests.

Keywords Are Important to Search Engines

Finding the right keywords for the product descriptions will help customers find your company quickly. Related keywords that have added descriptions called long-tail keywords regularly bring the best results. Adding a few words to a common keyword sets the product apart from the rest.

When you sell hand lotion, focusing on adding a key ingredient in the product will give you a unique keyword. An example might be Aloe Vera hand lotion. Use the keyword a few times in the title and twice in the body.

The recommended length for product descriptions are 350 to 400 words and shorter for mobile websites.

How to Optimize Product Descriptions for Mobile

Mobile descriptions must be shorter, and photos optimized to download quickly. Keep titles and descriptions short but provide needed information. Mobile sites today are a big part of eCommerce digital marketing. Many customers use laptops and cell phones to search for product and service information.

When you are seeking help with a regular or mobile e-commerce site, our team can help write effective product or service descriptions for both that generates sales. Contact us to get a proposal for writing your product description content and to start an SEO digital search marketing program today.



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