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Why is a FAQ Page Important to Increased Search Rankings?

Frequently Asked Question–AKA FAQ–lists have been a staple ever since the early days of the internet. The original FAQs were developed in order to prevent moderators on these newsgroups and mailing lists from having to post the same answers to common questions over and over again when new users asked them without checking the archives of these groups for the answers to these questions before posting the question to the entire group again.

FAQ for search engine marketing management Charleston, SC

But what purpose does a good FAQ page serve in today’s SEO-driven world? And why is it more important than ever for your company’s search engine marketing management program? Here are some of the reasons every SEO-friendly site should have an FAQ page:

1 – A High Quality FAQ Page Establishes Credibility and Authority for Your Business

If you can provide answers to the tough questions that your potential customer asks, you have brought that potential customer one step closer to becoming an actual paying customer. Just because you can answer the difficult questions that the customer asks, doesn’t necessarily mean that the potential customer wants to take on the problem himself. Many times, providing useful, accurate information is just a test from the potential customer to see if you know your stuff, and have what it takes to provide solid solutions for the customer’s business challenges.

2 – FAQ Pages Help Support Voice Search Functions

As mentioned in our post, 5 Factors That Will Impact Your SEO Marketing Strategies for Your Business in 2019, the increased popularity of voice activated devices and apps such as Apple’s Siri, Google Home and Amazon Echo have made voice search popular and brought it into the mainstream. Making sure that your site has the answers to some of the most common questions you are asked will be very helpful for generating increased site traffic and possibly more interest from qualified customers. Having an FAQ on your site answering these common questions may easily vault you to the top of search results for your particular line of business.

3 – FAQ Pages Increase Engagement of Indecisive Customers

Some customers just want to get answers to their questions without having to send an email, making a phone call, or starting an online chat session. They prefer to do their own research and get answers to their questions without involving anyone in sales

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