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Why You Need to Start a Company Blog Today – Part 1

Blogs get a bad rap. The media often presents bloggers in a negative light, such as angsty teenagers writing about video games in excruciating detail, or mommy blogs where stay-at-home-moms (and sometimes dads) discuss the trials and tribulations of raising kids in the 21st century. Blogs did indeed start as personal online diaries, but they have evolved far beyond this.

But the question remains: Why does an industrial company or B2B service need an active blog? There are many reasons:

Blogs Provide “Keyword Weight” to Your Site

Google prefers large websites with lots of user content. Small businesses and specialized industrial product companies typically do not have large numbers of different goods and services to describe on their websites, so it limits the number of pages on the site. For SEO purposes, this might allow larger companies to drown you out because they have more content pages on their website than you do.

Not only do monthly blog posts provide you with more opportunities to showcase your products, services and expertise, but they also add pages and density to your website, making it bigger in the eyes of Google. And if these posts are well optimized for SEO, may allow you to outshine your larger competitors.

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Active Blogs Improve Your Online Presence

Above all else, Google wants to match the right site with the right user, and provide that user with the latest information available out on the Web. Google likes sites that get and keep the user’s attention. Sites that have frequent user interaction through new blog posts, comments on those same posts or links from other sites connecting to the posts are preferred by Google. As a result, Google bumps these sites up in the site rankings.

Blogs Promote Engagement with Your Customers

Keeping interested potential customers engaged is easy if you use your blog in the right way. Including relevant links to specific product pages or financing options directly within the post may keep prospects on your site longer. A well-written blog post may even accelerate the sales cycle by overcoming a common sales objection or answering a frequently asked question.

In addition, you can encourage these potential customers to sign up for a newsletter or request a free proposal or quote within the blog post itself.

Please stop back again next month for part 2 of Why You Need to Start a Company Blog Today.

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