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4 Tips to Get Consistent Reviews and Improve Reputation Management With Business Listings

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Research shows that reviews and ratings can increase sales by at least 18%—one of the reasons for the increase in sales roots itself from a group mentality. Customers rely on other customers’ feedback on a company’s products and services. Customers can be persuaded to buy or not based on reviews. With this much power given to consumers, businesses need to keep customers satisfied and consistently ask for reviews.

A Review Is Critical

An essential part of your business is to ask your customers for ratings and reviews consistently. One of our clients asks for reviews regularly in communication with clients. Since we manage the company’s Google My Business page, we see at least 1-5 new reviews each week pop into our email. While in our SEO program, we helped craft an email for the company to ask for reviews and a strategy on how the business owner could ask regularly. We are excited to see the company’s success in this area. We suggest that your staff request customers’ feedback often to generate more reviews for your business.

We’ve also helped clients who needed to know how to respond to reviews. To maintain loyalty and resolve any issues, responding to the feedback, and directing them to contact Customer Service for a more detailed response is one way to handle these scenarios.

Elements of The Response

Having a few responses pre-written will help with responding to reviews quickly. The first step is to show that you are listening to their concerns. Listening shows that the company agrees that there is an opportunity to assist the customer. It will also show the customer that the company is willing to remedy the problem. They can then take the necessary steps to ensure that the problem will not happen again.

If a customer leaves a negative review, they are not trying to bash the company publicly. They usually want the company to fix it, and the review is an opportunity for the company to do this. Using empathy statements such as, “I’m sorry you had this experience in our office,” empathize with the customer and can lead to offering a solution to fix the issue.

Taking Control of The Business Listings

With the assistance of Search Marketing Resource business directory placement services, your business directory listings management will show in all of the leading local directories. The company can use a dashboard to change some information if needed and manage listings. There is a customized listing dashboard for companies with multiple locations.



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