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Tips and Tricks for Creating Excellent Long Tail Keywords – Part 2

Last month, we provided details on a few ways to create excellent long tail keywords, this month we are adding a couple of additional tips to this list. To read part one, go to Tips and Tricks for Creating Excellent Long Tail Keywords – Part 1.

Tip #4 – Think Like a Customer

When you go to Google, typically you don’t just enter a keyword, usually you phrase it in the form of a question or as a statement that narrows down what you are looking for.

For example, you probably wouldn’t type in “car stereo” when searching for a new car stereo for your car, you’d probably be more specific, like “car stereo reviews,” or “cheap car stereos for BMWs,” or “which car stereos work with iPhones?”

SEO Strategies for keyword creation example

Experiment with different forms of keywords by using the Google autocomplete feature in your browser to get good ideas of the types of phrases that other users are entering into Google.

Tip #5 – Add Modifiers to Keywords

This tip is especially powerful if used in combination with Tip #2 – Add Location Keywords. A simple modifier such as “good, best, low cost, recommended, or quality” added in front of a keyword phrase can make all of the difference in assuring that your site moves to the top of the list.

Other types of modifiers might use industry-specific terms to narrow the search such as transforming a rather generic word such as “recycling” to a specific word that targets your goods or services “aluminum can recycling” or “building material recycling.”

For retail establishments, many of these phrases work great if paired with a holiday or special occasion. For example, a caterer might specialize in corporate retreats, weddings or Christmas parties, so keywords such as “corporate retreat caterer” or “Christmas party catering” might be perfect for targeting these customers.

Keeping these 5 tips in mind when selecting long tail keywords for your business will not only boost your SEO rankings for your site, but bring qualified customers right to you who are ready to buy.

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