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B2B Social Media Marketing: Why Use It?

Social media. It is everywhere. The new language of world is filled with Likes, Shares, Retweets, and #hashtags. But what does social media marketing mean to your B2B business?

B2B social media marketing

Establishes Web Presence

These days when a business looks for help, they don’t grab the Yellow Pages or an industry-specific directory, they use Google. And getting your name on the first page of those Google results is proven to deliver clients to your business. Social media creates social proof, showing that your business is engaged and active in the modern world.

Increases Influence and Reach

Some social media sites, such as LinkedIn are a natural fit for the B2B companies, but what about Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest? While it is true that the typical B2B company post will not go viral on these platforms, or get hundreds of “likes” like the latest funny cat video posted on Facebook by your aunt, but it provides crucial backlinks which will help you scale the Google rankings, and may be found by an interested client who happens to be browsing Facebook at the time. The more social media platforms you have a presence on, the more backlinks you can create, thus multiplying the possible influence and reach of a single page or post of content. This reach can easily lead to increased website traffic.

Identifies Your Company as a Thought Leader

Companies active on many social media platforms are seen as thought leaders, or organizations that stand on the cutting edge of technology and business practices. This is critical because of the growing influence of social media on these practices. For example, according to a recent Hootsuite survey, 41% of Americans and 40% of UK adults, say that it’s important that the institutions they engage with have a strong social media presence.

So don’t dismiss the reach that engaging on social media can provide. Its influence continues to grow, so hop onboard and allow your company to grow along with it.

Want to Know More About B2B Social Media Management?

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