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Tips and Tricks for Creating Excellent Long Tail Keywords – Part 1

Last month, we talked a little about the importance of long-tail keywords. This month we will dig deeper into the details on how to create excellent long tail keywords and phrases.

Tip #1 – Be Specific

Building upon last month’s example of our South American freshwater tropical fish importing company, you learned not to use the phrase “tropical fish” because that was too general of a term, and didn’t accurately reflect your business. A more suitable keyword phrase was “South American freshwater tropical fish” for your business. But what if your business specializes in supplying these fish to independently-owned pet stores? A couple of better keyword choices might be “south American freshwater tropical aquarium fish suppliers” or “South American freshwater tropical fish for pet stores.”

Maybe your business specializes in a particular breed of tropical fish such as neon tetras or silver dollar fish. In this case, good keyword phrases might be “neon tetra aquarium fish supplier” or “silver dollar fish for sale in bulk”

Think about your customer and the words that customer might use to find your products or service.

SEO Marketing Solutions for tropical fish pet store example

Tip #2 – Add Location Keywords

If you are a local business such as a real estate agency, landscaping company or pizza parlor. Adding location specific keywords is a must to boost your search ranking results.  For example, you own a landscaping company in Summerville, South Carolina and want to gain more leads by using SEO on your website. You can start with simply adding the city name into your long tail keyword phrase “landscaping company Summerville” or “landscapers Summerville South Carolina.” But don’t forget about other nearby cities and suburbs where you work, or the county where your business is located or the nearby counties. These are often overlooked as part of your SEO marketing solutions.

Tip #3 – Add Product or Service Names

For a local landscaping business, a keyword such as “landscaping” might encompass a lot of businesses, everything from major landscaping chains to the kid down the street mowing the lawns in the neighborhood. Maybe instead of landscaping, you should focus on a keyword related to one of the landscaping services you provide. Look at services that are very profitable, that you specialize in, or want to grow. Maybe your landscaping company installs a lot of waterfalls or flagstone patios. Incorporate these into your long tail keywords “landscaping waterfall installation Summerville” or “waterfall installation Summerville.”

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