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Use SEO for Graphics to Boost Your Rankings

One of the most overlooked aspects of site optimization is failing to optimize your graphics for SEO. A good website design for SEO includes images on every page, and within every blog post, to help attract and keep the attention of your users. The problem is, without a little help, Google can’t really “see” these images. Without text, Google has no idea how to process and categorize an image in terms of SEO. But this can be easily fixed by implementing these best practices.

Name Your Image Files

When you pull an image off of a camera or your iPhone, it is typically given a generic name such as IMG_0544.jpg. This name doesn’t tell you what is in this image, so Google can’t tell what it is either.

The solution is simple. Give your image a descriptive filename, preferably one that uses one of your SEO keywords or phrases.

Do not use blank spaces between your descriptive words, just use dashes, like this: IMG_0544.jpg becomes ecommerce-website-design-example_2017-05.jpg

Ecommerce website design image example

Use an ALT Tag to Describe the Image

ALT tags describe the image that appears on the screen. Users who are visually impaired and have features designed to read the text to them, use the ALT tag descriptions to help that user “see” the image.

Use a descriptive phase that incorporates one of your SEO keywords for each image included on your site. This not only will help visually impaired users, but also help the Google crawlers “see” the images and help improve your site ranking as a result.

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