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Get Customers to Provide Google Reviews the Easy Way

One of the best things you can do when using social media marketing for business and increase search engine traffic to your website is getting social proof via word of mouth–or the electronic equivalent–online reviews. It is no secret that Google favors reviews created via the Google My Business pages set up by the business owner.

The process to do this is incredibly simple. But first, you must have a Google My Business page set up for your site. Once this is in place, here is how to direct people to your Google My Business review page:

1) Search for your business in the Google search bar. Do not allow Google to autofill your address bar and take you directly to the page. You must bring up a Google results page that should look like this:

How to use social media for business Charleston, SC

2) Scroll down the page until you see the Write a Review button.

How to use social media for business Summerville, SC

3) In the Review window, your customer selects the number of stars for your business (hopefully 5) and enter comments in the “Share details of your own experience at this place” field. Then click the Post button.

How to use social media for business Charleston, SC

4) The review is now on your website. Do you want to make it easier for your customers? Go to your Review Page and select and copy the link to the page.

How to use social media for business Summerville, SC

5) Then send the link directly to your customers and ask them to write a review for you.

Want to make it even EASIER for your customers? Use a link shortener application such as Bitly or TinyURL and paste that super long link into the provided text box to shorten it to a smaller, more manageable size.

How to use social media for business Charleston, SC

You can then use that shortened URL in your email signature, on your electronic contact cards or forward it on to customers as needed.

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