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Four Easy Steps To Make Your Website Design User Friendly and Look Great

Website Design Review

Every business needs an on-point web presence to continuing growing. People research goods and services before they buy more than ever before. Your first impression will most likely be online, so put your best design foot forward.

4 Easy Steps to Make Your Website Stand-out

    1. Clean Design

Allow your viewer to see what you have to offer. Keep the design clean and easy to navigate so their focus is always on your business. Keeping someone’s attention online is very difficult. Viewers decide if they will stay or leave a website in five seconds. Encourage them to stay with a clean design.

    1. Make the Text Legible

Keep your text short and snappy. Long sentences and dense paragraphs can be hard to read. Make sure to stay on message and choose your words carefully. Once your text is finalized, begin testing fonts and font sizes to find what is easiest to read for each section and page.

    1. Get Their Attention in 5 Seconds

Viewers expect instant gratification. You have five seconds to capture their attention so don’t waste any of it on load times. Optimize your pages so they load quickly. Also, have an interesting image or focal point to draw the viewer in.

    1. Be Modern

Having a modern website shows your company is active and relevant. Make it easy for people to contact you by giving plenty of options. Make sure to include an interactive contact form so they can get in touch right away!



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