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5 Traffic Types and What They Mean in Google Analytics

If you have your own website and don’t have a search engine marketing management company, such as Search Marketing Resource, handling your SEO program, it is important to understand the sources of internet traffic and what each one means. Traffic is the biggest indicator of the health and success for your site.

1 – Organic Search Traffic

If you are running an active SEO program, this is the type of traffic you need to watch carefully. If your search traffic is trending up, this means that your website is well optimized, that you have selected excellent long-tail keyword phrases, and potential customers are finding your site as a relevant search result.

Google Analytics as part of a free website analysis report for Charleston, SC

2 – Direct Traffic

Direct traffic is the simplest type of traffic to understand. Direct traffic is from users that come directly to your site, not through finding the site in search engine results, but rather by the user entering your site’s URL directly into a browser, clicking on a bookmark–because they have been there before and found your site good enough to bookmark–or clicking on a link in an email signature or text message (for example).

 3 – Referral Traffic

Referral traffic, is traffic that arrives on your site through any site other than a search engine. Increasing referral traffic indicates that other sites see your website as a source of good information, so you are gaining influence within your market or niche.

4 – Social Traffic

Social traffic is all traffic that arrives at your site through a social media site such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, and numerous others. A high volume of social traffic means that you have an excellent social media marketing program that is drawing social media users to your site.

5 – Paid Search Traffic

This is the traffic that arrives as the result of your paid Google AdWords campaign. This traffic number is especially important when you evaluate whether or not you are getting a good ROI on your investment for your paid search traffic marketing program.

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