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Why Adding Responsive Web Design to Your Site is Crucial

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In the age of digital marketing and ecommerce, a responsive web design is absolutely crucial to the survival of any company’s online business. Of course, responsive design does not simply mean fast. A responsive web design is one that is made to show up on mobile devices, including mobile phones, tablets, iPads, and other portable devices.

Why Add Responsive Design to Your Site?

Responsive design incorporates the same website you see on desktops and laptops and makes it to where it shows up on mobile devices to where it fits the screen. If the site doesn’t fit the screen currently, it can confuse and frustrate its visitors when they may be looking for information or to contact the company.

Google Now Lists Responsive Design as One of Its Ranking Factors

By investing in responsive web design, companies can expect to see dramatic improvement in their overall Google rank for search engine optimization. Google’s ranking system is highly complex, but it places significant value on the responsiveness of websites.

It is also worth mentioning that search engines like Google also place considerable importance on how well a site operates across different devices. If a site is primarily designed for a desktop, then any issues that occur on a mobile device will incur a penalty to the Google rank.

This includes ensuring that the site’s links are up to date, as well as making sure that any images used do not conflict with one another to create an unpleasant viewing experience.

While a high place in a search engine may not sound like much to those unfamiliar with online marketing, it is actually an incredibly important factor in directing traffic. By increasing the Google rank, a company can increase traffic to its website, which can then increase sales.

Converging multiple website models into one singular responsive design can also make keeping track of Google Analytics a much easier task. By monitoring one responsive website, instead of multiple less accessible ones, a company can expect to save considerable amounts of time, money, and energy.

Given the increased popularity of mobile shopping, companies that want to ensure their digital operations are as efficient as possible should give serious consideration to how responsive website development can positively impact their earning potential.



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