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What is SEO Attribute Optimization?

SEO Content Management

An SEO attribute is the “behind the scenes” language embedded in the code that a user typically will never see, but makes the site more friendly to the web crawlers that review the site determine what it is and what content it contains.

Defining your SEO attributes is a quick and easy way to improve your search engine rankings. The important thing is you make sure that you use the keywords that you have targeted as the focus on your SEO attribute efforts.

Here are a few of the SEO attributes to optimize on each page of your website:

Title – This is a short attribute, 60 characters or less, that summarizes what your page is about. This should use at least one of your selected keywords mention your business name. This is what appears as the title on a search results page.

Meta Description – This is a longer field around 160 characters that gives you space to describe what the page is about in greater detail. This should also use at least one, but preferably more than one of your selected keywords in the description.

Meta Keywords – This field allows you to list keywords you want associated with this particular page. These keywords are separated by commas. Use keywords from your selected keyword list, but not a lot of them. Three to six words should be good enough field.

Adding values to these SEO attributes will greatly increase the visibility of your website in a very short amount of time.

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