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2 Key Changes to The Google Ads Platform During 2020

Google Ads Changes to Platform in 2020s

The year of 2019 brought changes to the format of pay-per-click ads at Google Ads, such as recommendations and options for bidding that became automated. These were anticipated changes. Some other changes were not expected, including features added in for audiences. Some older features, such as keyword matching, also disappeared. Users of the platform expect more changes on the way with the arrival of the new 2020 calendar year too.

Improvements In The Area Of B2B Marketing

Specific industry and size of company audiences will likely become a feature that is available across the entirety of the platform at some point during this year. The key sectors that will see this as a big difference are B2B advertisers in their efforts to target those who are searching for keywords related to the B2B realm.

Focus On The Expansion Of Audience

It is also likely that the audience options will increase, as well as a reduction of the unknown category. Improved data related to demographics will bring about this change. Advertisers need to pay close attention to new audience options that will be specifically beneficial to them.

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