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Is it time to redesign your website?

Website Graphic Designer

Take a long look at your website. Perhaps, it looks a little outdated. Probably, a few years ago, you were very proud of your website. It was modern, up to date, and way ahead of the competition’s website. However, things have changed dramatically in recent years.

Many web designers are talking about getting a website mobile optimized, integrating social media, creating interactive sites, and having search friendly sites. With all of these new terms, now, you realize that your website looks severely outdated and is lagging behind the online competition’s site.

What Next?

Certainly, you could dismiss redesigning the site. However, the Internet world has changed. People expect more interactive, mobile friendly sites. Certainly, it is challenging opening up to change. Your business goals have probably changed dramatically over the years too, along with marketing strategies. Take a look at the total design and function of your site, especially areas that require improvement. It’s definitely time to upgrade your website.

Best Upgrades to Web Design Revealed

  • Domain – Change to a domain host with more comprehensive resources
  • Web Design – Time for a change. Make your site mobile friendly and able to be viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices
  • Update – Update archives, update to CMS platform, and upload fresh new material
  • Navigation Menu – Improve navigation menu and remove dead links
  • Photographs – Add optimized photographs to site, along with video
  • Social Media – Add links to top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

A redesigned site is a powerful marketing tool and should attract much more traffic. Certainly, that is the ultimate goal of any web redesign.



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