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How To Survive and Thrive In The World of Blogging

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Unread content does no one any good, especially for your business blog where you want to attract customers. Success in the blogging world all translates to one thing. Writing in a way that encourages people not only to want to read your work, but makes them go out of their way to do so. Intriguing titles, Interesting subjects, and learning what it takes to make people “click” are the main goals for successful blogging. However, there’s two things you want to avoid when blogging for business.


Simply put, clickbait is using whatever words it takes to get those clicks and though it may work, it could cost you readers in the long run. Generally, it’s using information in the title that gets people to click in the first place, and this is where “bad” clickbait is often used.

For instance, if the title says “How To Bake The Perfect Cake” and the blog turns out to be for a local grocer with flour on sale, the reader may feel as if they have been intentionally misled and they would be right.

A website may get loads of clicks for this trick, but most of those visitors won’t come back. Clickbait can be used in a positive manner that doesn’t leave people feeling cheated if you include a short sentence on what the person can expect from the post.

No matter how uninteresting you think the subject matter of the blog may be, take time to come up with an eye-catching title that matches the content and your readers will be back for more.


One reason the clickbait technique works so well is people think they are about to read something unique on a subject that interests them. Then, they get to the site, and it’s more of the same old thing they’ve seen too many times already.

Old information can be made “fresh” again, and taking the time to do so will get you known as the kind of business blog that is a successful one. Remember, it’s the words that count, not the format in which they are presented. Switching the format around while making no real change to the content only works one time, after that readers tend to disappear rather quickly.

In the SEO program, we choose topics that matter to your readers. We come up with a list of questions the reader normally asks as well as a list of questions they may not think to ask and then we answer these on the blog.

Well Written Content and Satisfied Readers = Continued Business

Creating content that makes people glad they clicked isn’t that hard, and what little effort is does take is well worth it. It’s possible to blog about subjects you personally have no interest in, but best advice is look for ideas that match your own and the words come will come naturally. As long as you remember to make sure the title always matches the content, the clicks you get will be “honest” ones that help to build your career as a successful, popular blogger.

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