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How Can I Improve My Local Search Results? 3 Tips How

Local SEO Search Result Improvement Tips

If you are an owner of a local business, having the proper exposure to your audience through SEO is critical to success. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the process of making a website more visible through the generation of quality traffic. Having proper SEO aids in building awareness of your business which will generate more traffic.  If you are a local business, this can mean more people coming to visit your store. To get more local traffic to your business, use these 3 steps.

1. Keep Updated, Clear Information

Most consumers do a Google search to get information about a business. They could be looking for contact information, website, and address. Along with having a current address, make sure the address connects to maps. Having this information up to date across multiple platforms puts your business listing higher in search results.

2. Mobile Friendly Landing Pages

Landing pages are the location a consumer ends up on when clicking on a search engine link. Have your local business directory listing go to a landing page that helps your local customer with information they need. Having these pages mobile-friendly and featuring a Google map helps your customer get from point A to your location quickly and easily while on the go.

3. Create and Engage

Staying active will help keep your page in the tops of the lists. Continually creating new content is important to show Google and your customers you are involved. Interacting with the community on social media and review websites brings positive attention to your business.

You can also create and share discounts and other content through Google My Business content creation and sharing.

There is a lot you can do on your own to optimize your search engine rating and these tips will get you on the right track. Our professional SEO experts specialize in local search marketing services and help your website increase leads and sales.




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