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How Custom Site Design Helps You Win Over Your Competition

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Competition is tough online today. However, competitors can be easy to beat by establishing your own brand. You can do that through having a custom designed website.

Here’s a few reasons why a custom designed website will help win visitors over your competition:

  1. Your site’s professionalism says a lot about your quality in service and products.
  2. The ease of finding things on your site contributes to how easily your customers can receive service when they have an issue.
  3. The design communicates your branding and color choices however you want them to.
  4. With the design, you can develop a presence for your company that provides you with the memorability your business needs.
  5. Impress your visitors with your products and services by featuring them on your home page and ecommerce solution, if you want to have one on your site.
  6. You have control of your site so that any information you want to put out is new and relevant to your industry.
  7. You also have control of your brand’s recognition and reflect this in the content you share, including the logo, articles, and brochures.

Having your own custom designed website also means that you can tailor it for your customer. If you have a log in they use, you can customize their experience based on their likes and interests. If the customer is given the power to create their own experience, they will come back more often.

One example is the fashion design site, Polyvore. Shoppers can customize outfits fast and buy all pieces of their outfit from inside the site. They also share their outfits on social media networks, which sends more traffic back to the original site.

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