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Why Have Your Website Designed for Mobile?

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Recently, responsive web design has grabbed the focus of all website owners. This design formatting is one that allows a website to be easily and appropriately viewable from all forms of devices, such as through tablets, smartphones, and laptops. However, many owners of websites have designed their sites directly for laptop and computer usage. Now, though, the push towards making responsive web design is highly prevalent since it affects both a website’s traffic and search engine indexing.

Benefits of Having a Mobile Responsive Website Design

Studies have shown that a website’s traffic comes roughly 56% from mobile devices. Due to this, having a responsive designed website is a key factor in positive website traffic. Over a third of those viewing these websites will see the website in its mobile form, which many websites do not have.

Because of this, many users will not be able to enjoy the website to its fullest potential, which causes many users to stray away from the website. That is why having a responsive web designed website can lead to better traffic.

One of the reasons that Google is pushing mobile design is to make the site user friendly for those accessing it on a smaller device than a laptop or desktop computer. The website is able to fit to the screen of the device. The images, menu, and contact form is then viewable from the small device.

Without a mobile designed website, these elements would not fit to the screen and may extend beyond the viewing area. The visitor would then have to scroll over to see the entire website.

Mobile Websites Are A Factor In Search Rankings

In addition, search engines, such as Google, are starting to make mobile compatibility a key factor in indexing. This means that when searching for specific keywords, Google will order relevant websites in order of how mobile-friendly they are, which means an adaptable website has a higher likelihood of taking a spot on the first page of search research than those that are not.

Due to this, having a website be a responsive web design will help search engine indexing.In all, with the technological word advancing, it is a smart move for those with websites to push towards them being more responsively web designed. This will help in positive trafficking and better search engine indexing.



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