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Top 5 Google Ad Mistakes Small Businesses Must Avoid

Google Ad Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Google Ads can be a little nerve-wracking for beginners who are starting to run campaigns. This is relatively because Google Ads is an extensive field, and a single miscalculation results in wasted ad dollars and reduced ROI. This article is purposely tailored to empower you to get started as it pinpoints the 5 biggest Google Ads mistakes beginners make.

Google Ads Mistake #1 – Focus on Inaccurate Keywords

Contrary to what most people think, keywords with high search volumes are not the best. Your successful journey to building up campaigns starts with very targeted keywords. This is particularly vital if you are working on a tight budget as broad keywords eat up your money and offer little or no conversions. The keyword planner is a valuable resource as it helps you get ideas and search volumes for targeted long-tail keywords.

Google Ads Mistake #2 – Not Making Account Edits Daily or Weekly

Most people fail to work on their accounts. Not only small business owners make this mistake as seasoned PPC managers often lack time to regularly attend to their accounts, especially when they have multiple accounts to manage. Adopting a workflow works exceptionally as you can swiftly check what needs to be tweaked in every week in a way that takes just a few minutes.

Google Ads Mistake #3 – Not Having a Dedicated Landing Page

As an Google Ads beginner, the worst mistake you will make is to drive paid traffic to your homepage. Your homepage is excellent in explaining what your business is about, but a dedicated page is more effective at getting conversions. Every campaign should have a well-defined objective before its inception, and the best way to maximize ROI is having a landing page dedicated to that objective.

Smart tip: Customize your landing pages to match your campaign objectives perfectly, and you will remarkably maximize your conversion rates. Match your keywords with the landing page headlines by creating multiple landing pages for each ad group and keyword.

Google Ads Mistake #4 – Loosely Bunched Keywords

Beginners miss the mark when they create one campaign and one ad group with many loosely connected keywords. This does not allow for ads specific to your keywords, and the result is a low-quality score. AdWords penalizes pages with low-quality keywords, and you pay more for every click losing countless marketing dollars. To manage your budget, create different campaigns and use different budgets for essential keywords and lower priority test campaigns. This keeps your quality score up, reducing your total cost per click amount.

Google Ads Mistake #5 – Not Paying Attention to Your Landing Page Experience for Visitors

Paid traffic converts, but it does not give full consideration to the onsite experience. Besides, paid search does not fix a bad landing page or improve high-traffic cart experience. To optimize your landing page experience, start with high converting landing page template and add your content from there.

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