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7 SEO Factors to Review During a Website Audit

SEO Factors Review Website Audit Better Rankings

Having an online presence for your business is important. Setting up a website and forgetting it will not reach the visibility you need to get more leads that would increase your business. Even before you set up a website, have SEO in mind. At Search Marketing Resource, we view website creation not only visually, but also in terms of content and SEO to help you gain leads from the launch of your site.
If you already have an existing website, performing a regular SEO audit must be part of the administrator’s tools in terms of managing a website to monitor and analyze the website’s activity. Performing an SEO audit assists in creating a better plan in achieving goals quickly. Here’s a quick overview on what an SEO audit we perform typically consists of.
Technical Settings for Your Website

Most startups often overlook this aspect since they are paying attention more attention to the visual side of the site. However, not paying attention to these small details on your website settings can dissipate all the efforts you exerted in producing a visually appealing website.
Consider checking the following as part of your Audit:

  1. Ensure Your Website Loads Fast

  • Search Engine companies use this as one of the factors in considering whether a site should rank higher on SERPs. Nobody wants to wait for long in the digital age where everything seems to be instant. You can use Google’s tool for diagnosing this factor using this link (
  1. It Should Be Mobile-Friendly

  • Most people do their research on mobile devices such as Smartphonea and Tablets these days. Because of that, Google prioritizes websites that are mobile-friendly in terms of deciding whether to move your site up when specific searches match your niche. You can use their tool ( to asses if your website is mobile-friendly.
  1. Prevent Same Keywords or Duplicate Pages

  • Google sees each page on your website individually, two different pages from your website with the same content and same keywords will confuse Google which page it should present to its users. Our SEO Audit tool picks up which pages have the same, or similar, content, Meta Titles, and Meta Descriptions so that we can detect any duplicate pages right away. We also run a fresh Site Audit every 30 days to ensure we monitor your entire website.
  1. Google Ranking Factor Updates

  • SEO is not as easy compared to how it was before where black hat tactics were widespread and Google’s algorithm only had a few ranking factors. Today, Google proactively updates its algorithm for a variety of ranking factors, even some which many websites are not aware they violate. At Search Marketing Resource, we keep up with the latest industry trends to ensure you stay within Google’s algorithm ranking factors.
  1. Check Your Robot.txt Files

  • This setting on your website gives you an option whether to allow or disallow search engines to index and examine your site, so make sure that you are allowing them to observe and rank your website pages.
  1. Create a Sitemap

  • A sitemap gives clarity for Google to check and determine whether if it’s easy to navigate and find information when someone is accessing it. Again, Google prioritizes the website that gives a better experience for its users.
  1. Improve Internal Links

  • Internal links gives user suggestion on the relevant posts on your site based on what they are currently reading, the more they stay, the more Google realizes that your website is a source of quality and relevant contents.

These are the essential settings that are worth paying attention to when doing an SEO audit, making sure that you’re not missing these small aspects guarantees a boost for your business’ online visibility. Contact us if you would like to have an SEO or website audit and quote to begin search engine optimization services!



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