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Optimize AdWords with Latest Trends in Google’s Adwords Changes

Adwords Mobile Advertising Management

August 26 2016

Google supports and is very in tune to mobile traffic. Just about anyone knows this and pretty much everyone has probably used Google in some form on a mobile device whether they are running a simple search, opening their email, or downloading a doc. There is a good reason for Google to concentrate on mobile traffic because that is where today’s audience is. People don’t sign onto their computers for quick updates, they grab their phone or tablet.


Ad networks are still working on the best way to run mobile advertising campaigns that cater to the new mobile access trends. This simple fact means that a lot of innovation is still coming when it comes to advertising that will please users and advertisers equally.

However, Google is at least trying, or so it would seem after the most recent I/O event. While the event did not mention a lot about AdSense, it did point in a new direction for those who want to drive their revenues up, and it seems that AdWords may be the direction to head.


Speaking of direction, apparently location is very important. Local search run via Google Maps determines a lot of new ways for local branches of business and small businesses to get their ads up at the top of web pages. Location based advertisements and other similar data will help drive up revenue pretty good for those who utilize AdWords.

AdSense publishers can also relax a bit as this new change will mean more inventory with a significantly less competition to deal with since ads will be locally based.


In testing, Google found that extended text for ads performed higher when compared to the current character limits. They found this to be true on mobile devices. The rollout has already taken place in the AdWords platform. In our own testing, we’ve found the extended ads to start to take precedence over the lower limited ads as well.

These are just a few of the changes Google rolled out this year. If you’re ready to have an experienced team manage your AdWords account, contact us for a proposal.



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