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How Do I Get More Customers With Online Ads?

Online Advertising Businesses Grow Leads

We often hear customers asking, how do I get more customers with online ads? While just starting out with online ads, you want to make sure that you spend time, money, and effort to help your website stand out from the rest, but not to the point where you’ll end up paying too much on the advertising campaign. In our Google Ads management program, we prioritize these things to ensure you get clicks that lead to results.

Create a Dedicated Landing Page

First, make sure that your website is professional. We analyze your landing page to ensure it would provide the best possible conversions. It also needs to be trustworthy and easy to navigate. You want to make sure that people will take action right away when they land on the site. Through our analysis, landing page, and content writing, we help you achieve your conversion goals.

Choose Your Ads

Now that you have a web site that you feel is professional, you need to advertise it. You can either advertise it through Google, or other paid ads, or directly through blog ads. It just depends on the buyer’s stage you want to target. If you promote through blog posts, the buyer could be in a stage where they’re seeking information. If you want to promote a product or landing page, the buyer is more likely in a stage of finding the right company to hire.

Think Through Calls-To-Action for Your Buyer’s Stage

You should make sure that you have the appropriate content for advertising. Take some time to read about your niche and write ads that fit your audience. If you are promoting a new product, make sure that you explain all of the benefits in a variety of ads. When you write about something new, you need to go over your material with a fine-tooth comb and create call-outs to action steps your potential customers could take.

Add Links to Get Better Leads

Finally, make sure that you have the right links to get your message across. In Google Ads, we can add the link to the landing page and also call-out links to other pages on the site, your clickable phone number, and more. Testing each of these different links usually leads to more click-throughs and better lead generation and conversions.

An effective marketing campaign is a great way to reach people in your market. When you create an ads plan that focuses on the products and services you’re selling, you will find it can work with you.

Search Marketing Resource is a great resource to help you get more customers with online ads. We monitor what’s working and apply changes to campaigns and ad groups to get more customers with online ads. We would love to help you with your online ads. Get a custom quote for a Google Ads campaign! 



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