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5 Essential Qualities of a Great Search Engine Marketing Company

There are a lot of search engine marketing companies out there. But how do you find one that will help you grow your business?

1 – Should Get Results within the first 90 days

A great search engine marketing company can assess any website and find areas within it that can be improved, leading to improved rankings in targeted keyword phrases, an increase in organic web traffic or other positive results. It might not be drastic improvement because it takes Google sometimes between 2 to 4 weeks to “crawl” the site again and note the changes to the site, but it will be moving in the right direction, or the search engine marketing company will discover the cause or causes of the lack of improvement.

2 – Able to Explain the Complexities of SEO Marketing in Easy to Understand Language

Most search marketing solutions are not easy to understand, there are a lot of technical terms and concepts involved. A great search engine marketing company will have professionals who will be able to walk you through these concepts–such as bounce rates, unique pageviews, and the differences between organic and direct traffic–and frame them in terms you can understand, as well as how this information impacts your business.
Top rankings SEO company

3 – Provides Detailed Reporting on Your SEO Marketing Programs at Regular Intervals

Some search engine marketing companies deliver a detailed report at the beginning of the engagement, and maybe once a quarter, or only when requested after the initial engagement. A top-ranking SEO company has nothing to hide and produces reports at any interval the customer requests and provides these reports in real time by allowing the client to access the SEO analytic information using their own dashboard. Whether the reports are monthly, weekly or daily, these reports can be customized to show the data that is important to you and your business.

4 – Integrates Social Media Management Services as One of Your SEO Marketing Strategies

A solid search engine marketing company offers social media management services as a search marketing solution. In today’s SEO environment, you must take social media seriously in order to build a solid SEO program. While the top site in the world is Google, both YouTube and Facebook are right behind it as content aggregators. More and more people simply search within their favorite social media platform for content and don’t use a search engine at all.

Integrating social media into your site is one of the best SEO marketing strategies out there and can produce great results in very little time.

5 – Provides a Free Search Marketing Services Proposal

A great search engine marketing company provides a free search marketing services proposal to demonstrate their knowledge and experience, as well as give you a taste of what to expect when you hire them to deliver SEO marketing solutions.

We here at Search Marketing Resource have studied SEO program success analytics and know what works for #1 rated search marketing programs. The rules of SEO change almost daily, and sure you could teach yourself how to run SEO marketing programs, but why? Let us put together a free search marketing proposal with no obligation for you. Let us show you why our customers think we are one of the best rated search marketing companies out there today.



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