Sponsored Search campaigns

An Effective Pay-Per-Click Program Will
Promote Your Brand, Provide #1 Search Rankings &
Generate ‘Ready To Buy’ Sales Leads

PPC Click Throughs Planning


Using Google’s traffic estimator tool for each phase in the program, we are able to calculate the number of End-Users who will view your ads and potentially click through to your website. We can then set your daily campaign budget rate and closely monitor all activity including ad impressions, ad position (1-10), click-throughs and conversions. We review the overall performance of each ad and determine if the content needs to be amended for a better click-through rate (CTR). In addition, we track and remove any click-throughs from search terms that are not relevant to the campaign. This minimizes traffic and PPC costs from non-related keyword searches.

Keyword Research & Campaign Setup
Sponsored Search Campaigns

The success and performance of a Sponsored Search campaign is dependent upon the correct and studied selection of the keyword phrases. These phrases should be uniquely specific to your products or services and help to pre-qualify the End-User who clicks through. If the keyword term is vague, or generic in phrasing, it will cause your ad to be displayed (an impression) to End-Users only looking for similar products or services who may click-through, debiting your account, but ultimately do not convert (make a purchase or contact you).

Long tail phrases that actually describe your company’s offerings will generate click-through traffic from qualified visitors. A typical Sponsored Search campaign is comprised of 75-200 keyword phrases, each with a different bid rate, also known as a click-through rate. The Adwords Manager will assemble the phrases into separate groups, creating several ads with 25 or more search phrases associated with each ad.

Sponsored Search Ad Writing
Sponsored Search Ads

Writing an ad that will stand out from your competitor’s listings is challenging. However, if certain attributes are applied this will maintain a high CTR (click-through rate) and good ad position, generating conversions and sales. There is limited copy space in writing an ad; only 3 lines of text (25 characters) for the headline, 70 characters of ad body copy and 35 characters for the destination URL (the webpage the End-User will land on once your ad is clicked).

As such, a clear, concise message needs to be composed. Start with a ‘call to action’ in the header, like a special offer or an exceptional buy. Adding a phone number or city name may prompt the End-User to call instead of clicking through, thereby saving the bid rate fee. Each ad and its group of keywords is tracked for performance. This feedback leads to editing that will better align the ad with the actual search queries being performed.

Pay-Per-Click Budgeting & Tracking
Adwords Budget Estimating

The constant monitoring and analyzing of a Sponsored Search campaign's performance is required to achieve and maintain a click-through rate of 3.00%, ad positions of 1, 2 or 3 and a measurable conversion rate. Each week your Adwords Manager will submit a detailed report showing the text of each ad, the keyword phrases associated with the ad, weekly dollars spent and overall activity of the campaign.

Included with the analysis report may be specific recommended changes to the ad copy, keyword terms and budget. Also, tracked and included in the report are the number of ad impressions (how often each ad was presented in keyword searches, amount of click-throughs to your website and the conversion rate. The conversion rate is the count of End-Users that either completed a ‘contact’ form on the site, requested services or purchased an ecommerce product.

Landing Page Design
PPC Landing Page Design

For some Adwords campaigns, you may want to drive the click-through traffic to a newly designed ‘landing page’. This is a web page within your website that is not represented in your navigation links but developed with specific content and images similar to the campaign ad. This page may have a unique offer or pricing only presented to site visitors from your campaign. The landing page typically has limited navigation options and directs the End-User to make conversion action.

When a landing page is requested, the Adwords Manager will work alongside one of our graphic artists to design the page and content layout. The page design will maintain the same colors, font styles and elements of the other website pages. Once approved, the development team will add the page to your website and add the copy and images. This new page URL will be added to the ad(s) of the campaign and tracked for conversions.

Campaign Tracking & Reporting

Included in our campaign management is the preparation and submission of weekly reports detailing the performance of each ad group. Your Adwords Manager monitors all aspects of your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign and makes corrections to budget amounts, negative keyword searches and adjusts ads for a higher display position or better CTR (Click Through Rate). An effective Sponsored Search program can drive a significant amount of qualified search traffic to your site. This creates more direct emails and phone calls.

Successful Adwords Campaigns
  • Campaign Name
  • Maximum Bids
  • Daily Budget
  • Weekly Cost
  • Click Throughs
  • Ad Position
  • Ad Impressions
  • Conversions
  • Click Through Rate
  • Click Per Call

Request a Sponsored Search, Pay-Per-Click campaign proposal and the marketing team will respond with a detailed program proposal.

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