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Why You Need to Start a Company Blog Today – Part 2

In part 1 of Why You Need to Start a Company Blog Today, we discussed how blogs provide “keyword weight” to your website, how they improve your online presence and how they promote engagement with your customers. This month we will present 3 additional reasons why you need a company blog:

Blogs Increase Search Engine Traffic

A solid, informational blog post written for a very specific market or niche may generate a lot of attention. Blog posts that go “viral” can cause search engine traffic to explode, creating buzz and new opportunities for your business. These posts can serve as gateways into your site’s product and service pages, as well as links to other closely related content that may be of interest to these new visitors. Because “content is king” on the internet, the more quality content you create the more opportunities you have to attract more users to your site.

Another easy way for a blog post to increase search engine traffic is by using social media management to provide options for the customer to share the blog post on popular social media platforms.

Blogs Help Qualify Your Customers

Good blog posts can answer the frequently asked questions that your customers may have which may help your sales team identify serious prospects. If your customer is reading blog posts that indicate strong buying signals, you know that they are probably a good fit for that particular good or service.

Blog Posts Help with Creating Social Media Content

Another challenge that many B2B and industrial companies might have is how to use social media marketing for business. What do you do or say on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter? Blog posts are a fantastic source for creating social media content. Posting the opening paragraph of your latest blog post on Facebook, or short summary of it on Twitter can generate click throughs to your site, and possibly generate Likes and Followers.

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