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The Value of Customer Reviews and “Likes” for Your Search Marketing Program

What is the first thing you do when you are thinking about dining at a new restaurant, or hiring a kitchen remodeling company? You look at online reviews. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Google + and Yelp make it easy for customers to interact with your business and spread the word to other potential customers. Sometimes our search marketing programs need to be integrated with customer reviews and feedback in addition to social media.

Boosts Local SEO Efforts

In addition to positive word-of-mouth exposure, Google and other search engines prize reviews. Sites with many Google reviews tend to rank higher in search rankings—especially for Local SEO efforts. As the premier search engine, Google reviews simply weighs more in the analytic calculations involving your site and should be encouraged by your customers.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

All businesses are going to experience a customer that has a bad experience. Where many unsatisfied customers might just never purchase a good or service from you again, or, worse yet, simply tell their friends and associates about the bad experience, encouraging reviews can be a game changer. If that customer posts a negative Google review or complains about your business on Facebook, it gives you an opportunity to turn the negative experience into a good one. Both social media platforms allow you to respond to these reviews, as well as give you an opportunity to contact the customer directly to see if you can resolve that customer’s problem

Customer Service SEO Strategy

Integrating Reviews into Your Social Media Marketing Program

But what if you are not a B2C business or service? How does getting reviews help? According to a recent BrightLocal survey, 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. It really doesn’t matter what business you are in, if you can’t get a recommendation from your network, you are going to go to the next best thing: online reviews.

As you can see, encouraging customer reviews should be part of every company’s social media marketing program. Next month, learn how to encourage your customers to leave reviews and feedback for your company.

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