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The Top 3 Factors That Go Into A Website Ranking High In The Search Engines

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Information is at the tip of our fingers, only a Google search away. If you want to provide information, a product or a service, you need to ensure that when potential visitors type their question into Google, your website will be ranked high among the results.  There are different factors that go into a website ranking high in the search engines.

Keyword Searches

The results that Google displays after a keyword search are known as Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Website owners strive to ensure that their result will appear on the first page. If the website is on the first page, then it will get the most clicks.

One of the most crucial principles of ensuring that your results rank highly will be the keywords that you use on your website. This can be accomplished by following search engine guidelines and keeping up with how these guidelines may change over time, optimizing your website accordingly.

SEO Guidelines

Google does not release their specific guidelines. However, it is possible to discern some of these guidelines. A website with quality backlinks will rank higher than a website with no backlinks. A quality backlink is a URL that links to another website of similar content, expanding on the topic at hand.

It Can Take Time

Developing a good SEO score will not happen immediately. Many SEO campaigns fail because the website owner will become impatient and quit their campaign, thinking that it is not working.

The success of an SEO campaign simply cannot be discerned based on current visitors. Overall, a successful campaign will require time, patience and resources. But the value of that campaign is very high.

The factors that go into creating a quality SEO program and results include:

  • Keyword selections – these need to be specific towards the programs, products, and services the business offers
  • Consistency – applying SEO to a website every month and creating blog posts, posting to social media, and other offsite activities are essential to create assets that help a site gain traction in the search engines
  • Creating quality content – pages and blog posts become assets in the search engines that your potential customers in varying buying stages will find. They gain more information about their problem and how your business solves it, positioning you as the expert, and providing a call to action for them to call or contact you.

We provide these services and more in our SEO program. If you want your website to rank higher in the search engines, get a free website audit to see what suggestions we have to help your website rank higher.




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