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Why Adding Content On Home Pages Increases Traffic And Search Engine Rankings

Posted by Robert MacNeil – President

A home page that has a thin amount of content or is made of entirely images often has a difficult time ranking for keywords. Content is vital to search engine optimization if you wish to have a high number of visitors to your page. Even when content is king, it is often hard for website owners to figure out why or how increased content increases traffic.

Website Mobile Device

Why Adding Responsive Web Design to Your Site is Crucial

Posted by Puneet Jain - Technical Director

In the age of digital marketing and ecommerce, a responsive web design is absolutely crucial to the survival of any company’s online business. Of course, responsive design does not simply mean fast. A responsive web design is one that is made to show up on mobile devices, including mobile phones, tablets, iPads, and other portable devices.

Why Add Responsive Design to Your Site?

Responsive design incorporates the same website you see on desktops and laptops and makes it to where it shows up on mobile devices to where it fits the screen. If the site doesn’t fit the

Website CMS

Why Professional Logo Design Makes the Difference in Branding Vs. Stock Logo Designs

Posted by Robert MacNeil – President

In general, a company’s logo is a visual representation of its brand and market identity. They are specifically designed for clients to be able to easily identify them, especially in a market that may otherwise be saturated with competitors. Due to a logo’s importance in establishing a company’s presence in untapped markets, it is incredibly valuable to develop a logo that will not negatively impact the brand.

Online Sales

Get a Site Audit to Diagnose Why You’re Not Getting the Web Traffic You Want

Posted by Robert MacNeil – President

When you’ve tried do-it-yourself SEO efforts or even hired a company, but haven’t had results, getting an audit of your site will help you assess the problem areas. If your efforts haven’t included audits every month, there’s no way you would know what to fix and when before you get dinged by Google or worse, de-indexed.

We want to bring your attention to ways you can audit your site or have a professional SEO company do it for you. With assessments, you stay on top of your competitors and get the ranking results to prove it.

Website Design Review

Four Easy Steps To Make Your Website Design User Friendly and Look Great

Posted by Puneet Jain - Technical Director

Every business needs an on-point web presence to continuing growing. People research goods and services before they buy more than ever before. Your first impression will most likely be online, so put your best design foot forward.

4 Easy Steps to Make Your Website Stand-out



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