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Mobile Optimize Your Site for Search Results

Mobile Website Design

It’s important to realize how accessible the Internet is to your potential customers. If a lady is searching for new clothes at the mall, she can instantly go online and find out if there is a better deal somewhere else.

Almost instantly!

Most people who access the Internet through a mobile device can see what’s in the local stores, find out price comparisons online, and order. The market has changed and your business needs to be at the forefront of the changes to compete.

What Is Mobile Web Design?

With the computer screen being far larger than the phone screen, and search results showing differently per device, users are likely to experience reduced functionality when they visit the mobile site if it is not optimized properly. A mobile web design is a mobile version of the website. Typically, it is designed to retain function without compromising content.

When consumers visit a website, they are likely to assess whether the content is worth navigating through the page, taking the speed and accessibility of links into account. A mobile web design will help to ensure that they remain on the page of the site.

Benefits of Mobile Web Design

• Location features target people who travel or are already on the road nearby, if your store is local
• Professionalism shows through the ability of the site to adapt to a smaller screen
• Enhanced business through repeat visits to the website
• Increased visitors and sales because Google penalizes a site if it is not mobile optimized. If you have SEO applied to your site, it helps to have it mobile optimized

Appearance And Function

Just as a consumer would be less likely to trust a run-down store, she will be less likely to make a purchase from a poorly designed website. Functionality and appearance will be a central driving force as she makes her decision.

Therefore, a website needs to be fully functioning on all fronts, whether mobile or desktop. The intricacies of web design do not have to be overwhelming. Contact us for a proposal to have your site mobile optimized.



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