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Monitor WordPress Website Hacking or It Affects Your SEO

Posted by Gabrielle Talley - Senior Search Marketing Manager


Hacking is when someone or something gets unauthorized access into a system. Hacking is very common and happens all over the world to websites and computer systems. Hackers do this to cause damage or to attempt to get valuable information.


Search engine optimization is the website’s position in the search engines based on keywords and quality relevance of the website to the searcher’s query. The higher the website is in

Why Get a Professional to Design a Logo for Your Website and NOT DIY?

Posted by Puneet Jain - Technical Director

You can easily design a professional looking, eye catching logo for your website. With so many templates available, it’s easy for you to create your own. So why hire a professional to design your logo?

Why Business Owners Should NOT Design a Logo By Themselves

Web Development Mistakes to Avoid to Achieve your ROI Goals

Posted by Robert MacNeil – President

The main aim of businesses is to make profits, and it is no different for ecommerce businesses. However, most of the times businesses fail to understand some of the small, but vital, factors that could mean the difference between their success and failure. A well-designed website is one example.

What is the Role of an Ecommerce Website?

The role of a properly designed website in the success of ecommerce is normally underestimated.

Who Has the Best Web Hosting Plans and Service?

Posted by Puneet Jain - Technical Director

Which is the best web host? Who offers affordable plans? Which is the best plan that fits my needs? It can be confusing when you need to choose a web host! We receive questions about “who is the best web hosting company” often, but this piece will guide you in the tips you need for you to navigate the web and find the host of your choice.

Go to the Source for the Best Hosting Company – Read Customer Reviews

Boost Your Page Load Speed with These Tips

Posted by Robert MacNeil – President

Did you know that web and blog pages that load faster normally have a higher ranking in search engine results paralleled to those that load slower? It is true!

Google, Bing, and other search engines now use page load speed in their search algorithm penalties and search functions. The reason behind this addition to their search engine algorithm is that pages that load faster are more likely to give users a better experience than those loading slower.



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