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The 4 Essential Things a Corporate Website Design Needs

Posted by Puneet Jain - Technical Director

A corporate website is more than broadcasting your brand over the Internet. A corporate website should be designed to entice potential clients and establish your company as a leader in your specific industry.

Your website design should be a compilation of brand, purpose, and end-goals for your company, while keeping the design and content engaging for the End-User. Your website development should be seen as developing a business asset that will generate leads and sales for your company.

Mobile Optimize Your Site for Search Results

Posted by Puneet Jain - Technical Director

It’s important to realize how accessible the Internet is to your potential customers. If a lady is searching for new clothes at the mall, she can instantly go online and find out if there is a better deal somewhere else.

Almost instantly!

Most people who access the Internet through a mobile device can see what’s in the local stores, find out price comparisons online, and order. The market has changed and your business needs to be at the forefront of the changes to compete.

7 Tips to Increase Visitors Without Losing Aesthetics On Your Website

Posted by Puneet Jain - Technical Director

For ecommerce websites, conversion is the name of the game. It doesn’t matter how many people visit your website so long as they are not buying. Without conversion, you might as well close shop for good. Unfortunately, several website designers prioritize the aesthetic of the web page over its convertibility, which harms the bottom line.

Here are 7 tips to help you increase the number of visitors who turn into customers without damaging the aesthetics of your page:

Using a Contact Form to Generate Leads

Posted by Puneet Jain - Technical Director

When looking to maximize the effectiveness of your website, one of the things you will benefit from is using a contact form. With this type of form, you will be able to get prospect information, which will help generate a number of sales leads.

Your website might already have one in place and therefore it will be important to use the sign up form to your advantage. However, you will need to find out if you are using this as effectively as you can. In order to get the most out of a contact form on your website, follow a few tips. These tips will help put you in a better position to attract more customers on a regular

Monitor WordPress Website Hacking or It Affects Your SEO

Posted by Gabrielle Talley - Senior Search Marketing Manager


Hacking is when someone or something gets unauthorized access into a system. Hacking is very common and happens all over the world to websites and computer systems. Hackers do this to cause damage or to attempt to get valuable information.


Search engine optimization is the website’s position in the search engines based on keywords and quality relevance of the website to the searcher’s query. The higher the website is in



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