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5 Factors That Will Impact Your SEO Marketing Strategies for Your Business in 2019

Posted by Michael Wilson - Search Marketing Manager

If you have your own website and don’t have a search engine marketing management company– such as Search Marketing Resource– handling your SEO program, you need to understand the factors in 2019 that will impact your SEO marketing. Here are 5 factors to think about:

5 Things You Can Do to Increase Search Engine Traffic in 2019

Posted by admin

The end of the year is a good time to look at your Google Analytics and see if you can find ways to improve your website design and increase search engine traffic for your website in 2019. Here are 5 steps you can take to help increase your search engine traffic in 2019:

5 Traffic Types and What They Mean in Google Analytics

Posted by admin

If you have your own website and don’t have a search engine marketing management company, such as Search Marketing Resource, handling your SEO program, it is important to understand the sources of internet traffic and what each one means. Traffic is the biggest indicator of the health and success for your site.

7 Elements of Effective SEO Marketing Programs

Posted by admin

Creating an effective SEO marketing program is a challenge, especially in a world where the rules and standards established by Google shift and change all of the time. There are several tried and true actions to improve your online presence and increase search engine traffic for your website.

1 – Providing a Free Website Analysis Report

The first action that an effective SEO program should take is to get a professional assessment of your website to determine if an SEO marketing program would be beneficial. A no obligation, free website analysis report is a fantastic way to get an idea of how your site is performing so far and how it can be improved.

3 Ways to Improve Your SEO Marketing Programs with Customer Reviews

Posted by Michael Wilson - Search Marketing Manager

There is nothing that Google likes better for search engine optimization–especially local SEO–than customer reviews. So how do you get your customers to leave (hopefully overwhelmingly positive) reviews? Here are a few ideas:

1 – Ask for Reviews

Sometimes this is as simple as sending your customer an email asking them to give you a review, requesting a review at the close of a phone call, or mentioning a review as you see them off from a meeting. According to recent studies, asking for a review is a proven method to get customers to provide them for you. Especially if they are happy with the service you provided.



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